Rapidly turn big ideas into great custom software with our experience and expertise as a certified OutSystem Partner
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We are a certified OutSystems Partner

As an OutSystems Partner we have the experience and expertise to build, manage and evolve custom applications that drive competitive advantage and set your company apart. All of our consultants are certified and regularly trained to make the most of the OutSystems platform’s potential and to support you in maximizing your investment. From Developers to Architects, Tech Leads, Project Managers and everything in between, count on them to execute big, impactful ideas at scale in high-stakes environments.

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Turning big ideas into software with our OutSystems Delivery Center

We established the OutSystems Delivery Center (ODC) to enhance our responsiveness in the development and maintenance of OutSystems-based projects. The ODC is staffed by experts in all aspects of the OutSystems platform, ensuring prompt and comprehensive technical support for our customers and partners. Additionally, this approach provides greater flexibility in matching team size to each project’s specific needs. 

There is no commercial off-the-shelf solution that delivers uniqueness and full control. Nor can you differentiate with forms and department apps created fast with low-code/no-code. Hand-coding serious applications takes too long, extending your backlogs. That leaves few options and one of them is certainly OutSystems. It’s not just words: OutSystems has been recognized as a leading low-code platform for ability to execute and vision by analysts for five years and counting.

Why OutSystems platform?

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Why KinetIT as your trusted OutSystems Partner

We combine OutSystems expertise with industry-specific know-how, namely in Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, Telecommunications, Transports, Public Administration, Energy, Manufactoring and Services.

We provide full-scope services, from Outsourcing to Turnkey Projects, Maintenance, Training, UX Design, Licencing and Turnkey Products. We are also experienced in complex environments and large infrastructures where we outshine architecture and systems integration.

We breath low-code and OutSystems for years, it’s our daily focus, and we can address changing needs in a blink of an eye.

We have reached the top rating in OutSystems Customer Reviews. What our customers most value is our unique fit to purpose, proactivity, transparency, quality, ethics and responsiveness.

Our team has more than 180 Certifications, including Associate Reactive Developer, Associate Tech Lead, Professional Platform Ops Engineer, Professional DevOps Engineer and Associate Developer

We have this special gift of rapidly and clearly understanding our customers’ needs, not requiring too much time from them.

We have all the OutSystems experts needed to make things happen: Junior and Senior Consultants, Tech Leads, Architects, Project Managers, Mobile and Web Developers, and everything in between.

We have a global reach. From Europe to Latin America, the Middle East and North America, at KinetIT we can add value and deliver OutSystems projects wherever they are needed. 

Innovative products

Digital Solutions

Several Business Areas

Business Areas

Our Portfolio as a certified OutSystems Partner

Mobile, Web Apps and Core Systems Design, Development, Implementation and Management

Tailored training

OutSystems factories implementation and management​

Preventive, corrective, and evolutionary application

Application architecture review

Application and good practices auditing

Frontend OutSystems implementation and UX & UI projects

Agility is our middle name

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