Using OutSystems low-code platform and agile methodologies for fast, customized and future-proof software delivery
About Us

Who we are

A deep understanding of your tech and business needs

Enriched by strong business knowledge, we are made by techies for techies – our focus is to effectively put technology at the service of your company’s growth and optimization. At KinetIT, we are passionate about custom software development using the OutSystems low-code platform and we deliver full lifecycle management during our projects. We work with a team of experienced, critical thinking and creative people highly qualified and motivated to continuously and proactively add value, improve processes, accelerate Digital Transformation and bring innovation to life.

A 360º OutSystems Delivery Center
The low-code platform and expertise you can rely on

To excell in our Digital Transformation services, we must partner with the best. As a leading low-code platform, since our foundation in 2014 we have specialized in building, supporting and evolving digital solutions using OutSystems and agile methodologies. All of our consultants are certified and regularly trained to make the most of the platform’s potential and to support our customers in maximizing their investment. From Developers to Architects, Tech Leads, Project Managers and everything in between, we have the right skills to execute big, impactful ideas at scale in high-stakes environments.

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At KinetIT we address unique needs with the solution and operational model that best suits each case. It can either be a turnkey project for the delivery of a customized digital product, the creation of a multidisciplinary OutSystems squad to work side by side with yours or the provision of any other service from our full-scope portfolio, always guaranteeing the flexibility, quality and agility that characterizes us. In fact, it’s the continuous commitment to evolving and being close to our people, combined with the special ability to understand the purpose of our customers, that enables us to maintain long and fruitful relationships with both.

Ensuring the perfect match between your challenge and our solution

Why KinetIT to make Digital Transformation happen


More than “customers”, “partners” or “employees”, we deal with people with unique characteristics and challenges that we address every day. With commitment, closeness and mutual trust. Our only goal is their success.


Whether you just need a specialized consultant in a short period of time, a multidisciplinary ongoing team or a custom digital solution as a turnkey project, at KinetIT we have what it takes at each moment.

Low-code expertise

We use high-performance low-code to guarantee the agility, scalability and customization needed to meet any business challenge and deliver high-value, future-proof apps fast.

Business knowledge

We have been supporting Digital Transformation in various sectors, with a special know-how in Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, Transports, Telecommunications, Public Administration, Energy, Manufacturing and Services.

OutSystems focus

We are a certified OutSystems Partner and continuously invest in our team’s qualification. Besides building and managing custom solutions, we are also experienced in complex environments and large infrastructures where we outshine architecture and systems integration.

High customer reviews

We have reached the top rating in OutSystems Customer Reviews. What our customers most value is our unique fit to purpose, proactivity, transparency, quality, ethics and responsiveness.

Quick response to changes

360º know-how in low-code, with full-scope services. We are able to react in real time to what is happening in each project as we have all the expertise and resources potentially needed. 


We quickly understand your goals and you do not have to waste unnecessary time – both at the beginning and throughout the relationship. We have a lean, startup mindset, and we follow the PMO standards in our projects.

Our Values


Trust is the basis of any kind of relationship
At KinetIT, we always strive to achieve strong and durable relationships based on transparency, honesty and closeness. We interact in a differentiated way with our teams with our clients and business partners, building a solid and trusting relationship.


Quality is part of our day-to-day life
Quality is associated with excellence, and as an organization of excellence that we are, quality is part of our day-to-day life, not only in the relationships we establish, but also in the solutions and services we offer and implement. Without quality we would not be able to add value, and without adding value, we would have no reason to exist.

& Creativity

Future-oriented technologies
Innovation and creativity are part of our DNA and we always strive to offer different and innovative approaches with creative and technically advanced solutions based on future-oriented technologies.
Focus on People

Our Mission

Digital solutions

Our Vision

Some of the companies we have been working side by side and improving IT everyday

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